Everybody’s getting Christmassy and I wondered “What are schools across the country doing for Christmas?”

Well, as I just learnt, my brother’s school is doing a Nativity play for the eight and nine year olds and the nine and ten year olds are doing a service in the church. Also, the younger children are doing their usual “I fowgot my linies!” and parents finding it cute thing, and they have their entire pantomime thing (he forgot his slip and began running around to look for it) and Christmas trees and decorations and presents for the whole school.

Lucky them.

At my school, we are thought to be too old for all this festivity, so we have one Christmas concert (25 girls singing the school anthem) and not one Christmas tree in sight.

So can anyone tell me why people are suddenly too old for Christmas Nativities and going off timetable as soon as they hit 12?



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