Random Matador Poem

Whistle after whistle
Hoof after hoof
Fighter after fighter
Lose after lose

On sand red with blood
My teeth hurt from killing
Horns nearly broken
But to fight I am still willing

I run to hit the blanket
They have dyed the colour of blood
My horns twist in the man’s chest
Watch his face crash into the mud

In the pounding heat of the Spanish sun
A strong matador steps out
To try his fate
But it’s too late
For life he had to go without

He is fearless of the biting jaw
Which makes my small mind wonder
Where he’s left all of his wits
How long until surrender

I run to him, to drop the pin
Now I do just what I must
A roar of pain, what do I gain
When another one bites the dust

A new man now emerges
His time wears oh so thin
The crimson flag has waved
Let the games begin

If you guys would like to comment, I’d be grateful if it could be only like critiquing this as this is for the area high schools contests.


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