Christmas Presents

EOS 5D Mark III_9999_127


Obviously, at six pm on Christmas Day, you’ve all opened your christmas presents.

You’ve also already given them.

Did you buy them in October? Or just on Thursday, like me? If you’d like to say,, just comment.

This post is not all about presents (unfortunately). You may have had secret Santas wherever you are. Listen to the weird story of ours.

My bus to school leaves at quarter to eight every morning. Our story starts when I actually left the house at five to, inevitably missing the bus. Our secret Santas were due to give their gifts on the bus, so, no matter how stupid this sounds, I had to get my dad to drop me off, whilst frantically texting my friend Jenny to not start the gift giving.


On the plus side though, Joanna liked my gift, Jenny gave me bath bombs and Katie nearly blew up when she got her Christmas/birthday present.

All’s well that ends well.

Also, I’d like to know your best Christmas gift and what you’re planning to do with them (other than what’s actually on the label).

Goodbye and Merry Christmas. 


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