Is Barbie Giving The Wrong Message To Young Girls?


Just today I saw a new advert for a Barbie ‘Accessories Vending Machine’.

Seriously? After lessons in school about not being too overly obsessed with material things, what exactly is a stricken, paper-thin blonde saying “I really need more accessories or else I will, like, die!” telling those six-year olds who are so worried about their body image.

Adding onto this, recently a controversial Facebook post surfaced asking people whether toy companies should start making plus-sized Barbie dolls.

At the end of this, 40,000 people answered yes, and a mere 5,000 said no.

What does this tell us? That people are bothered enough about little girls or that they want to feel better about obesity?

This also sparked a debate over whether these 40,000 Facebookers were right or not.

The main comments from the 5,000 against the idea were along the lines of ‘this size will just encourage obesity’.

My form is an example of what Barbie’s paper thin dolls and pink miniskirts can do to people. There is a pack of girls in every secondary school classroom today whose lives revolve around going to town after school, buying five new dresses every night and sneaking lipstick and mascara into school. All of these girls are part of the Barbie generation- and Barbie is getting more and more material obsessed, skinnier and sparking more controversy among body image specialists. This makes us wonder; what are today’s six year olds going to be like in eight years time?

When I was younger, I always wondered why nobody I had ever met looked like the extensive collection of pink-clad dolls I had. Then again, as soon as I got old enough to understand about all the gender stereotyping and body image stuff, the Barbie doll population in my little cousin’s room increased by 56.

This next paragraph is aimed at small children, or anyone upsetted by Barbie’s lifestyle:

Barbie is severely anorexic/underweight, and about a quarter of that small weight is made up of make up and those eleven inch heels she wears. Not many people on earth could live their whole life wearing nothing but pink, there is no way Barbie or any of her squealing girl friends and little sisters could afford all of their ‘Accessory Vending Machines’, big pink mansions, ALL of those hot pink miniskirts without being billionaires, and there is not enough billionaires in the world to have as many Barbie-Like teenagers as are swarming our TV screens in this day and age.

Maybe you disagree with me, maybe you agree, but either way, comment and let me know what you think.


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