Book Review #1- Geek Girl, Holly Smale

Geek girl is the best book I read in 2013. Holly Smale wrote this and I have a feeling that, maybe it’s the story of her life (maybe). Geek Girl is about fifteen year old Harriet Manners, the class geek (hence the title), who gets spotted as a model by weird and slightly eccentric stylist Wilbur (picture Gok Wan with blonde hair and a ŁÖT of leopard print on). She also has a chance meeting with supermodel Nick and Yuka Ito, a negative of Miss Havisham (in more ways than one). In fact, the only thing wrong about the book was the librarian’s eagerness to get me to review it. Long story short, if you’re over ten, read it. But not if you’re a boy though. My little brother read a page of it and he looked kind of like a puppy trying to read a book called ‘how to be a cool cat’. So, if you like reading books about ginger teens who think their hair is ‘strawberry blonde’ this is the one for you. Cheerio!


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