Casting Shadows Sophie McKenzie Review

Casting Shadows is the third book in the Flynn Series by Sophie McKenzie, and boy is it amazing. The book is about Flynn and River, sixth formers and- yes this is a love story.

Well, kind of. Sophie McKenzie wrote Girl, Missing and the Blood Ties Serieseses so I guess she just couldn’t stop herself from putting something like this in the book. This is because Flynn has serious anger issues. He comes from a broken home and he had a drunk dad and two sisters and his mum lives in a small flat and-

Forget this. I’ll just start from the beginning.

In the first book, Falling Fast, Flynn and River meet on the set of their school production of Romeo and Juliet (I know what you’re thinking, but River is a nurse in this). This book shows that Flynn comes from a broken home, and can barely afford the books he has from school. It also points out his need for anger management classes.

River is a normal girl who has no problems whatsoever.

In this book, it shows River and Flynn in Sixth Form, and introduces a new character, Leo, who is a person of his own.

Alright, if I say anything more it will either be a spoiler or it will be as tongue tied and weird as before, so, read this book, its really nice and recommended for 11-16.


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