Eve and Adam Review

After reading Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate, I sat still for ten minutes taking in the book and it’s ending.
(Sorry for the grammar, the autocorrect is a bit off).

Sixteen year old Evening Spiker is injured in a car accident and her mum swiftly takes her out of the state hospital, but Eve guesses it is just because her mum, Terra Spiker, is a multi billionaire who owns practically the whole world’s medical service. The story follows how she is told to use a ‘virtual reality device’ to create a simulation of a perfect man (Adam). As you have probably guessed by the inverted commas, Adam is real. The story is from the point of view of Eve, Solo, her mother’s ward and Adam, but the majority of the story is based around Eve.

This book is known as one of the best young adult novels of 2013, and I can see why. Both Michael and Katherine’s writing styles are merged in this book, and the way it’s written is really good as it gets the story across really well, and I love how the end of the story is so different to what it would have stereotypically been. This book is recommended by me for ages 12-18 and is really a great book to get my 2014 reading list off to a good start.


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